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Contract drafting and contract disputes

Concept Development and Contract Drafting

  • I am in the process of becoming self-employed. Who will create my General Terms and Conditions and other necessary standard contracts for me and check whether my website is in conformity with the law?
  • I am about to purchase a condominium. Who will set up a sales contract for me? Who is going to pay taxes and fees for me?
  • I would like to give my weekend home to my children as a gift but retain the right to live in it. Who will establish a relevant contract for me? Will I have to pay gift tax or report the gift?

Representation in contract disputes

  • I bought a house. In the course of renovation work I was made aware of massive construction defects. Can I be held harmless by the seller or the con-struction company, even if the purchase contract states that warranty is largely precluded?
  • Do I have to pay additional costs that were hidden within the general terms and conditions at the time of signing the contract?
  • The final price widely exceeded the quotation I was issued beforehand. Am I still required to pay up?

Reasons for Schmelz lawfirm

  • A solid contract can help to avoid extrajudicial or judicial disputes. We help you to design contractual relationships correctly and thereby lay the foundation for your personal and economic success. Anyways, sometimes it comes to disputes from a contractual relationship. In such case, we will jointly execute the relevant contract and enforce your contractual claims.
  • You need a good contract, but want to be economical and canny? Then try our platform Vertragen, where you can easily and securely create common contracts online. Vertragen is currently the largest online contract platform operated by Austrian lawyers.
  • You need an unusual or complex contract and would like to invest in your future? Then contact us. We create a concept that optimally adapts to your needs and enforces it efficiently.

We conclude contracts on a daily basis without always being fully aware of the potential consequences of them. We will support you with legal advice in case of a dispute. What are the MAINPOINTS?

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