Commercial and Corporate Law

For Entrepreneurs and Managing Directors

  • Who will assist me as I set up my own business? I want it quick, efficient and economical.
  • As the managing director I was given instructions that could have major negative implications. Do I absolutely have to follow these instructions or will I face manager liability?
  • How do I defend myself in the case of a shareholder dispute?
  • My company is in a financial crisis. What measures can I take to prevent insolvency?

For Tradesmen

  • Who can help me navigate the jungle of trading regulations?
  • In my free time I like to program websites for my friends. Do I need a business license to do so?
  • Do I require a certificate of competence in order to exercise work in my intended industry?
  • What are the requirements in order to become a managing director of a company under trade law?

For Entrepreneurs and Commercial Agents

  • I have an excellent business idea. Which legal structure is most suitable for the implementation of my idea?
  • How do I have to create my website in order for it to be considered legally sound and avoid administrative penalties?
  • I worked in the company sales department of a firm and have acquired many clients. What compensation claims can I make as a commercial agent?
  • Who can take care of debt collection and claim outstanding balances from tardy business partners?

For Trainees and Inquisitive Persons

We will gladly share our knowledge with young colleagues and otherwise inquisitive individuals. For this reason we offer study sessions for students pre-paring for their diploma exams and trainee lawyers facing their bar examinations in corporate law and commercial law field of expertise as well as that of civil procedure law and media law. Entrepreneurs can attend training courses and in-house seminars with us.

A plethora of legal specifications in Austria make the implementation of a business idea not very easy. We will pave the way into entrepreneurship for you. Making use of a wide network of competent partners we offer extensive support to you in regards to all of your questions relating to legalities and tax. This way you can focus on the main bit: Your personal success.

Reasons for Schmelz lawfirm

  • Commercial law and corporate law are among our favorite areas. Accompanying a young company on its way to success can be a tremendously satisfying activity. Start growing with us, too!
  • Due to several years of experience in a large Viennese commercial law firm, we have comprehensive expertise in advising companies of all sizes: We are as familiar with the problems of young entrepreneurs and start-ups as they are with established entrepreneurs, with those of EPOs and SMEs as well with those of large corporations.
  • Together with our network partners, we offer entrepreneurs one-stop-shop solutions: You deliver your problem to us, we proffer a complete solution package.

Sound Consultancy: The KEYPOINT.

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