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Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution in the common interest of all parties

The goal of mediation is to resolve conflict – if possible through the mutual exchange of viewpoints on the causative events resulting in the conflict – and with the formulation of a legally binding, future-oriented agreement of all parties involved. Unlike judicial proceedings, the aim of mediation is not to place blame on either side. Similarly, changes in participants’ conduct among each other are only encouraged to the extent that is necessary for the bind-ing agreement.

Significant advantages over judicial proceedings

In addition to the core purpose of mediation – for example the regulation of property issues or that of parental custody in case of a divorce, or the con-tinuation of cooperation between two companies – there are also further goals which are pursued and normally not reached in court litigation:

  • a potentially non-bureaucratic and flexible process;
  • reduction of procedural and expenses following the conflict;
  • maximum confidentiality of all issues discussed and the proposed solution;
  • no publicity through medial reporting;
  • conservation of human and operational resources.

Reasons for Schmelz lawfirm

  • Mediation offers the possibility of an alternative dispute resolution: don't have long and nerve-racking lawsuits that leave scorched earth behind, but create win-win situations, with which all involved can live well.
  • In particular, the areas of labor law, inheritance law, family law and rental and neighborhood law are predestined for mediation, especially since the conflict parties here often have close contact in the future. Mediation can lay the foundations for conflict parties to look each other in the eye and cooperate with each other.
  • Our partner M.L. Eva Schmelz is not only a lawyer, but also a certified mediator and has many years of experience in the alternative solution of conflicts.

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