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Family Law, Children's Law & Divorce Law

Divorce Law

  • What issues should be stipulated in my marriage contract?
  • My partner and I have grown apart. What should we consider in the case of a separation?
  • What alimony will I receive when we separate and which one do I get when we divorce?
  • How do you go about an amicable divorce? What kinds of things do I need settle to in my divorce agreement?
  • Help, divorce war! How can I get out of this? I need a divorce lawyer!

Children’s Law

For Parents

  • We are getting a divorce. What issues do we have to settle in regards to our children?
  • I want sole guardianship rights. What do I have to do to gain legal custody?
  • What if my partner and I want to gain or keep shared custody?
  • How high is the alimony I am expected to pay? What options do I have when my income levels change?

For Children

  • I would like to decide for myself which parent I will live with. How old do I have to be to have a say?
  • How much maintenance support do my parents have to pay me and to what share?
  • Are my parents obliged to fund my studies abroad?
  • When am I considered capable of self-sufficiency?

Reasons for Schmelz lawfirm

  • A divorce proceeding with all its consequences - such as the distribution of marital property - is a highly emotional matter. If you are concerned, it is not always easy to see the forest for the trees. We help you to get a clear view again.
  • At the latest when the regulation of custody of common children is due, the waves rise in a reliable manner. This is usually felt not only by the two parents, but also their children. We guide you through stormy times.
  • M.L. Eva Schmelz belongs to the next generation of divorce lawyers in Vienna and the surrounding area and is specialized in family law. She stands by your side with words and deeds: energetic and purposeful, but also human and understanding.
  • Our team also includes a psychotherapist (under supervision). Through this networking, we offer you not only legal but also mental support in challenging times, as well as specific preparation for negotiations or expert assessments.

Let’s PINPOINT exactly what you are entitled to.

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