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Criminal Law and Victim Representation

For Victims

  • I was the victim of a sex crime. Will I have to face my tormentor again in court?
  • My home was broken into. Who will compensate the damages?
  • What advantages come with joining criminal proceedings as a private party?
  • I am being stalked. What can I do about it?

For Suspects, Accused and Defendants

  • A person was harmed when I caused a car accident due to negligence. I have since found out that they initiated court proceedings against me. How can I get out of this?
  • The police cited me for an interrogation. Who will accompany me to this appointment?
  • How can I salvage the future of my child when he or she have been caught smoking a joint?
  • What consequences will my sentence have on my professional life?

Reasons for Schmelz lawfirm

  • Being a victim of a crime can be traumatic. We accompany you in these difficult times and realize your rights (victim representation).
  • We represent persons suspected of having committed a crime. For anyone who thinks only serious criminals would come into contact with criminal law is wrong. Often it are trivial things that can have serious consequences: stagnant criminal charges among chained neighbors, a student getting caught while smoking a joint, little intelligent darings among teenagers - and the public prosecutor might already knock on your door.
  • Whatever situation you are in, we help you to exercise your good rights.

Most people think there is practically no chance that they will ever get in touch with criminal law. However, often times that is when reality hits you hardest. When you find yourself in such a situation we are there to represent and support you and help you shoulder your nerves and anxieties. Together we work through your INDICTMENTPOINTS.

Here you can find us


  •  Währinger Strasse 16 Top 14, 1090 Wien
  •  +43 1 946 11 60
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