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Care Law // Guardianship // Trusteeship

For Residents and Operators of Retirement and Nursing Homes

  • Who will review my nursing home contract before I sign it?
  • As a resident, do I have to continue paying the home fee when I am on vacation or stay in the hospital?
  • How do I achieve a raise of the care allowance?
  • Under which conditions may the introduction of measures restricting freedom be permissible?

For Patients and those wanting to take precautions

  • I want to die in dignity and refuse years of life-sustaining measures. How do I formulate an advanced medical decision to communicate this desire?
  • What ramifications does the new law on guardianship have for my relatives and me? Can I take influence on a possible trusteeship?
  • If necessary, I would like to be represented by persons of my confidence – rather than a custodian who was assigned to me. Who will compose the rele-vant health care proxy for me?

Reasons for Schmelz lawfirm

  • Due to the demagogic development, the field of home law and nursing law is becoming increasingly important. The supply of relevant, high quality services is lagging behind demand.
  • Only about four percent of all Austrians have made a living will, and about two percent of all Austrians have established a precautionary power. We help you to take your future into your own hands.
  • We have extensive experience both in the legal advice of nursing homes, as well as older persons. For example, we constantly take over guardianship or trusteeship. We are happy to assist you with words and deeds.

Be the CENTRALPOINT. And remain it.

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