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Care law // nursing home contract law // adult representation

For residents and operators of retirement and nursing homes

  • Who checks my care home contract before I sign it?
  • As a resident, do I still have to pay the home fees even if I am on vacation or in hospital?
  • Under what conditions are measures that restrict freedom, such as cribs, permissible?

For patients and those wanting to take precautions

  • I want to die with dignity and refuse to be kept on life support for years. How do I formulate a living will that pursues this goal?
  • My descendants should not run the risk of falling out over my assets. How can I plan my estate succession in advance?
  • If the worst comes to the worst, I would like to be represented by someone I trust. Who will draw up an appropriate power of attorney for me?

For people with mental disorders and their relatives

  • I would like to act as my parents' elected adult representative. What action do I need to take?
  • It seems that relatives are taking advantage of a relative with dementia. How can I take action against this?
  • I am looking for a professional and independent adult representative (formerly: guardian) for a loved one, who will take care of my contact with the authorities and social insurance providers, has experience in asset management and is not impressed by personal attacks from other relatives.

Reasons for Schmelz lawfirm

  • Only around four percent of all Austrians have made a living will and around two percent of all Austrians have set up a lasting power of attorney. We help you to take your future into your own hands.
  • We selectively take on the representation of adults: Especially when there are extensive court or official proceedings, complex financial circumstances or conflicts within the family.
  • Our partners Dorian Schmelz and Danijel Ivkovic are co-authors of the "representation and accommodation manual", a practical guide to issues relating to care law, adult representation, residential care and accommodation, nursing home contract law and have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in these areas.

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